Creating games and apps

Development of online games (online multiplayer), browser flash games (Flash and HTML5), games and applications for VKontakte( VK), games for Steam. We create custom 2D and 3D games on a turnkey basis for all devices: games for phones and tablets, PCs and browsers. And also: gamification, development of the scenario and props of quest rooms, development of marketing games and consulting in the field of game design. The price of game development is calculated individually and flexibly on request! Create your own game at an adequate cost-really!

Anything from Python and C to Pascal and Java will do. The choice depends on how much time will be spent on the game and for which platform the release will be. The language also affects performance. In C++, for example, they write for any platform, but PHP or JavaScript are better suited for browser games. If you use one of the engines, it is better to learn C# in addition — scripts are written on it. The main thing is not to underestimate languages. The Unity engine is also friendly with JavaScript, and minecraft was written in Java.

Unity is very popular, it is designed for both 2D and 3D games. It is suitable for different platforms and languages. Most mobile and indie games are created on it. It's free, but if you earn more than $ 100,000 a year on your games, you'll have to share it with Unity developers.

How the game code is built Let's say you chose a language and engine, and made a plan. What's next? Think through everything from start to finish. Depending on the path you choose (pure language or using the engine), what awaits you at different stages of development will also differ. If you do everything on your own, then work on physics, mechanics, graphics, artificial intelligence and balance will fall on your shoulders. If you chose the engine — you can breathe easy.